Q. How do I enter?
A. Enter on the Cycling NSW Webpage.

Q. How many bunches are there?
A. Four, typically spaced 10 minutes apart

Q. How long does it take?
A. Scratch typically takes 3 hours and limit takes 3.5 hours

Q. Is there a drink station?
A. A drink station for the provision of bidons (water bottles) is located in Culcairn West of the shopping strip on Balfour Street. It is the rider’s responsibility to organise a supporter to pass them their bidons. It is highly recommended that you practice handing of bidons with your supporter prior to the race.

Q. Where is the sprint?
A. The sprint is located in Culcairn on the east side of town.

Q. How fast do the bunches travel?
A. Scratch typically average 45 km/h and limit averages 38 km/h

Q. Is there a sag wagon?
A. Yes, but places are limited. The sag wagon travels behind the scratch bunch. It also stops at Culcain to drop off riders who wish to travel to Albury with their support crew.

Q. Is there a bus to return cyclist to Wagga Wagga?
A. Not this year.

Q. Can riders family or friends follow the race in cars?
A. Yes, but only as far as Culcairn, after which they must travel on the Olympic Highway.

Q. What major hills are there?
A. There are two significant climbs. One is just out of Walla Walla. It isn’t very steep and may just feel like a ‘dead’ stretch of road until almost the top when you hit the ‘Cutting’. The second climb is Jindera Gap. It is midway between Jindera and the finish line.